MSc Nursing

Equip yourself with the expertise needed to take your nursing practice to the future


As a key healthcare profession, nursing is constantly faced with the need to rapidly implement new technologies, ideas, and approaches. It’s important that those in this practice can adapt to these changes while building on the critical thinking, creativity, and care that underpins it.

Our online, part-time MSc Nursing is designed to aid registered nurses from every area of the profession. We bring together nurses from all different backgrounds, specialisms, and corners of the world. Through your time on the course, we’ll help you develop the specialist skills, knowledge, and inter-professional insights needed to drive your practice forward.

Your studies will empower you with the ability to view nursing with more thought and detail, reflecting on how the profession has changed over time. This in turn will leave you better prepared to rise to the challenges and opportunities of the future, no matter what healthcare system you work in.

Looking further inwards, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on your own practice, drawing from your prior experience and combining your knowledge with new learning and fresh perspectives. You’ll begin to take a more critical and creative approach to your profession, promoting and providing innovative leadership within contemporary healthcare.

You can look forward to being supported by our excellent academics and support services. Plus, through our intuitive, mobile-friendly virtual learning platform, you can earn your postgraduate degree from home or on the move. 

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Course Details

Delivery: online, part-time

Duration: two years

Start dates: January, May and September

Next welcome week: 11 September 2023

Next course start date: 18 September 2023

Fees: £8,300 (flexible payment plans available)

Application deadline: 9 September 2023. Apply as soon as possible to secure your place.

Why this course?

Experienced team

Gain invaluable insights and feedback from our academics and research staff, who have a rich array of experience in nursing and healthcare.

Flexible study

Engage with both lecturers and fellow students via live webinars that can be watched back at any time, at your convenience.

Professional growth

Receive resources to sharpen your independent learning, allowing you to continue your own professional growth even after graduation.


You will study the following compulsory modules.
Module 1 - Introduction to Postgraduate Research (20 credits)

Setting you up for success throughout the rest of the course and beyond, this module will take you through a broad overview of research principles and ethics to advance your research skills.

You’ll master the techniques to find and use literature and data more efficiently to streamline your research process.

Through your coursework, you’ll also strengthen your ability to analyse, present, and interpret such research to assess its 'real-world' implications.

As well as core academic competencies, you'll enhance important transferrable skills, including communication and presenting through peer study groups and problem solving.

Module 2 - Thinking Nursing (40 credits)

We’ll guide you in building the critical awareness and advanced learning capabilities needed to devise innovative approaches to develop your practice.

During this part of the course, you’ll learn how to explore and evaluate nursing knowledge, and critically examine the influence and contribution of nursing in patient outcomes in modern health and social care settings.

You'll be encouraged to share your personal experiences and insight in order to critically appraise both your individual role and the role of nursing as a practice within your organisation and the wider world.

Equipped with advanced strategies to help you on your lifelong learning and development journey, you'll become a more self-aware and creative nurse.

Module 3 - Organisational Leadership and Management (20 credits)

This module will develop your ability to think critically and strategically about your leadership or management practice.

You will learn how organisational structures respond to political and social change and analyse how leadership and management styles influence organisational change.

We’ll give you the tools to facilitate change and influence policy in whatever healthcare system you work within.

Module 4 - Practice Development (40 credits)

During this module, you will critically examine an area of your work environment and produce a proposal for practice development based upon your findings.

You will combine different practice development strategies with the aim of widening clinical boundaries, enhancing your personal practice and improving patient experience.

You will produce a portfolio on your chosen area of practice development and will identify and critically examine the benefits and challenges of implementation.

Module 5 - Dissertation (60 credits)

Your final project will be a dissertation – an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you’ve gained on the programme to produce an in-depth piece of work.

This project can reflect your own clinical, professional, or philosophical focus, and can even address a challenge you face in your practice or place of employment.

You’ll decide on a research methodology before you proceed, and we’ll support you with a range of materials and contacts.

How you will learn

Benefits of learning online with us

Courses built for you
You’re passionate about furthering your education, and we want to make that as simple as possible. That’s why our courses are part-time and online – to give you the flexibility to schedule your studies around the rest of your commitments. Access your modules, assignments, and webinars at any time thanks to Canvas, our intuitive online learning platform. All you need is a computer or tablet, along with a reliable internet connection. Plus, to give you more control over your time, all modules are designed to be studied in weekly portions, with the option to attend live webinars or watch them back later. With this approach, you can plan out each week and develop a study style that works best for you.
Your own virtual classroom
Think of Canvas as your hub for everything related to your degree. In addition to holding all your course material in one place, it also connects you to a range of different services, including: Feedback from your tutors on assignments Our Student Adviser and IT Teams The University Library Online forums to join group discussions with your peers.
Support all the way through
In addition to our tutor-led courses, we’re dedicated to giving you a well-rounded student experience. You’ll have members of the University available to guide you with everything from submitting your application to preparing for your next job interview. Plus, with the ability to take advantage of our optional events and numerous student services, your time on the course will help nurture your growth as both a person and a professional.
Student Life
You may be studying remotely, but you won’t be studying alone. You’ll be supported by us through every stage of your journey. Who you'll meet: -Course Advisers -Student Advisers -Academic Team -Careers Team -Classmates -Graduation
Live events (physical and virtual)
We hold up to two subject-specific events each year. These events are optional and don’t make up a part of your curriculum. However, they can be a great opportunity to learn more about your field and spend time with your classmates and tutors. All event costs (like entry fees) are paid for by the University. You’ll be expected to cover your own travel and accommodation for physical events.
Counselling, mental health and wellbeing
If you’re going through a difficult time with your mental health, please know that you can get in touch with our Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Team. Speak to them confidentially about any of your current challenges and receive professional support and advice.
Library and the Library Training Team
You can access the thousands of books, journals, and learning resources available digitally in the Library, which also has a dedicated team that provides research-related training for students, from how to format written assignments to making the most of the platform’s features.

How students study with us

• No visas or moving costs
• Access course from anywhere in the world
• Spend approx. 20-25 hours studying each week
• All course materials are available on demand
• Revise on the days and times that suit you best
• Course modules broken down into weekly
• Fit studies around work, family and social life
• Support with non-academic queries from a
student adviser team

Additional Support

As one of our students, you’ll have access to a range of services designed to support your studies and make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. -Our comprehensive online library of books, journals, and resources -A Student Advisor team to answer non-academic queries -Online software tutorials via LinkedIn Learning -The Students’ Union community -Career advice, CV creation, practice interviews, and more via our careers platform

Career prospects and opportunities

Upon earning your MSc in Nursing, you’ll be well-positioned to progress into management and leadership roles within the healthcare sector.

You can also expect to have developed a range of additional tools to help you secure such roles, including advanced information technology expertise and excellent communication skills.

Your degree also opens you up to the prospect of pursuing further study at doctorate level, such as a PhD or Professional Doctorate; in many countries an MSc is an essential requirement for study at doctoral level.

MSc Nursing careers

As a registered nurse, you understand better than anyone that your profession requires a passion for lifelong learning.

A consultation carried out by the Royal College of Nursing saw that many nurses were keen to step into the future when it came to their practice – hoping to optimise the use of data, technology, and their own skills to create better outcomes for patients, better experiences for staff, and more efficient ways of working.

Our online, part-time MSc in Nursing is built to help qualified nurses like yourself to develop the expertise and self-direction needed to accomplish this.

Opportunities for graduates:

Earning your MSc in Nursing can support your career progression in a number of ways. Three key pathways that this course will help you prepare for are:

  • Advancement into management
  • Specialisation within nursing
  • Securement of teaching roles

How to apply

Benefits of learning online with us

  • You must be a registered, qualified nurse with evidence of recent professional development
  • You’ll need to evidence your registration / qualification and share proof of recent professional development
  • References from your sponsor or employer will be sought
  • If you don’t speak English as a first language you will need to hold a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or an accepted equivalent.

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to apply, please get in touch with our course adviser team for advice.


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