MSc Human Resource Management

Motivate, lead, and grow company talent


Gain the tools you need to help bring out the best in people.

Our online MSc in Human Resource Management (HRM) is designed to give you an advanced level of knowledge, understanding, and ability around people management and leadership.

With direct support from our teaching staff, you can look forward to learning how to effectively analyse business needs; drive changes in organisational culture, improve internal performance, and much more.

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Course Details

Delivery: online, part-time

Duration: two years

Start dates: January, May and September

Next welcome week: 11 September 2023

Next course start date: 18 September 2023

Fees: £8,300 (flexible payment plans available)

Application deadline: 9 September 2023. Apply as soon as possible to secure your place.

Why this course?

Flexible study

Gain insights from academics and experts in the field via live webinars that can be watched back at any time, along with regular feedback and assessments.

Contemporary content

Benefit from a contemporary education founded on the research work of the Institute for Research into Organisations, Work and Employment (iROWE).

Professional growth

Receive resources to strengthen your independent learning capabilities, so you can continue to develop your HRM expertise even after graduation.


You will study the following compulsory modules.
Module 1 - Managing People (40 credits)

This module will help you develop a critical understanding of the theory and practice associated with managing people.

You’ll explore how organisations are shaped by internal and external environmental contexts and how people management practices are designed to reflect sector trends, performance, and productivity indicators.

Module 2 - Research in Practice (20 credits)

We’ll support you in developing your understanding of research methods and methodologies, while also furthering your understanding of key research issues in the field of HRM.

During this phase of your course, you’ll learn how to evaluate and justify the use of specific methodologies when addressing various HRM issues. You’ll also discover how to evaluate research that influences organisational policy and practice.

Module 3 - Global People Management (20 credits)

This module will give you the chance to analyse, explore, and assess the challenges and complexities for people management in organisations that operate across multiple nations and cultures.

Your studies will focus on how to devise and implement HRM processes that are ethically responsive and sustainable – while still considering any differences in working practices, cultures, and institutional factors.

Module 4 - Strategic HRM Futures (40 credits)

For this part of the programme, we’ll shift focus to how HRM strategy can identify and respond to global trends and challenges.

You’ll learn the extent to which workforce planning can help organisations respond to trends, and how to evaluate the extent to which data can influence people management. The module will also help build your understanding of how laws and regulations might impact an HRM practice.

Module 5 - Research Project (60 credits)

This final stage of your course will challenge you to undertake an academic or practice-oriented research project that addresses an HRM-related issue or question.

At the start of the module, you’ll be presented with several research projects associated with your chosen discipline from which you can choose from. A project supervisor will then be assigned to aid you in developing ideas and planning the project.

By successfully completing the project, you’ll fortify your ability to independently analyse research findings, evaluate the effectiveness of different research methods, and critically reflect on your own conclusions to apply them to your practice.

How you will learn

Benefits of learning online with us

Courses built for you
You’re passionate about furthering your education, and we want to make that as simple as possible. That’s why our courses are part-time and online – to give you the flexibility to schedule your studies around the rest of your commitments. Access your modules, assignments, and webinars at any time thanks to Canvas, our intuitive online learning platform. All you need is a computer or tablet, along with a reliable internet connection. Plus, to give you more control over your time, all modules are designed to be studied in weekly portions, with the option to attend live webinars or watch them back later. With this approach, you can plan out each week and develop a study style that works best for you.
Your own virtual classroom
Think of Canvas as your hub for everything related to your degree. In addition to holding all your course material in one place, it also connects you to a range of different services, including: Feedback from your tutors on assignments Our Student Adviser and IT Teams The University Library Online forums to join group discussions with your peers.
Support all the way through
In addition to our tutor-led courses, we’re dedicated to giving you a well-rounded student experience. You’ll have members of the University available to guide you with everything from submitting your application to preparing for your next job interview. Plus, with the ability to take advantage of our optional events and numerous student services, your time on the course will help nurture your growth as both a person and a professional.
Student Life
You may be studying remotely, but you won’t be studying alone. You’ll be supported by us through every stage of your journey. Who you'll meet: -Course Advisers -Student Advisers -Academic Team -Careers Team -Classmates -Graduation
Live events (physical and virtual)
We hold up to two subject-specific events each year. These events are optional and don’t make up a part of your curriculum. However, they can be a great opportunity to learn more about your field and spend time with your classmates and tutors. All event costs (like entry fees) are paid for by the University. You’ll be expected to cover your own travel and accommodation for physical events.
Counselling, mental health and wellbeing
If you’re going through a difficult time with your mental health, please know that you can get in touch with our Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Team. Speak to them confidentially about any of your current challenges and receive professional support and advice.
Library and the Library Training Team
You can access the thousands of books, journals, and learning resources available digitally in the Library, which also has a dedicated team that provides research-related training for students, from how to format written assignments to making the most of the platform’s features.

How students study with us

• No visas or moving costs
• Access course from anywhere in the world
• Spend approx. 20-25 hours studying each week
• All course materials are available on demand
• Revise on the days and times that suit you best
• Course modules broken down into weekly
• Fit studies around work, family and social life
• Support with non-academic queries from a
student adviser team

Additional Support

As one of our students, you’ll have access to a range of services designed to support your studies and make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. -Our comprehensive online library of books, journals, and resources -A Student Advisor team to answer non-academic queries -Online software tutorials via LinkedIn Learning -The Students’ Union community -Career advice, CV creation, practice interviews, and more via our careers platform

Career prospects and opportunities

There’s more scope than ever for HRM experts. As companies across the world continue to expand across borders and adapt to ever-changing business and social landscapes, the demand for forward-thinking HR departments led by qualified professionals is only increasing.

Plus, earning your MSc in Human Resource Management will not only help you gain essential, subject-specific expertise, but a whole range of transferrable skills invaluable to any career.

Upon graduating, you’ll possess the critical thinking, research abilities, and people management knowledge needed to secure a future across multiple industries, depending on your area of interest. In addition to this, you’ll have a Level 7 qualification from the CIPD to add to your resume.

Though there are a number of roles you could progress to, some of the positions you could explore include:

  • Human resources officer / advisor
  • HR business partner
  • Management consultant
  • Project coordinator
  • Employee relations specialist

MSc Human Resource Management careers

It’s certainly no understatement to say that people lie at the heart of every business.

Even as the world grows more technologically advanced, it’s an organisation’s people who identify market needs, craft compelling stories to connect with audiences – and of course, collaborate to produce new products.

An engaged, productive team of people can make the difference between a company’s success or failure. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that organisations across the world are investing heavily in human resource management (HRM). With the expertise of HRM professionals, employees gain the ability to understand and cater to their most valuable resource.

‘We have yet to see a business that can run without humans. Until that day, we need HRM.’

– Claire Ashworth, Course Leader

Your MSc in Human Resource Management will empower you with the knowledge and practical understanding needed to manage people effectively and confidently across businesses of all sizes and sectors. Plus, with our support, you can look forward to developing the self-direction and lifelong learning habits needed to continue up-skilling far beyond graduation as well.

Regardless of your industry or field of interest, people management is an invaluable tool for taking your career further.

How to apply

Benefits of learning online with us

You must hold at least a 2:2 degree or equivalent professional experience or learning in a related field. However, please note that we’ll consider all candidates on their individual merits.

If you don’t speak English as a first language you’ll need to hold a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or an accepted equivalent.

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to apply, please get in touch with our course adviser team for advice.


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