Global Online MBA

Join the new generation of socially responsible leaders


As an online MBA student, you’ll learn how to:

  • Drive the development, critical review, and implementation of operational policies and practices, plus ensure compliance with internal and external governances
  • Guide organisational strategy such as change and agile transformation programmes, diversification, new product implementation, and customer experience improvement
  • Interpret complex data to make decisions based on reliable evidence and strategic insight about organisational requirements such as financial budgets and resource allocation
  • Lead and respond to crisis management for solutions that meet the needs of both the organisation and its stakeholders in a responsible, ethical manner
  • Cultivate and maintain collaborative relationships with key senior internal and external stakeholders to influence key decision makers as appropriate
  • Proactively keep up to date with social, economic, and technological developments and promote innovation to approach changing requirements and new opportunities
  • Operate effectively in cross-cultural settings, with a deep understanding of the importance of globalisation and a strong awareness of different markets
  • Be a reflective, transformational leader in the achievement of business goals as well as continuous professional development opportunities for yourself and your team.

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Course Details

Three start dates per year: January, May and September

Next course start date: 25 September 2023

Next welcome week: 18 September 2023

Duration: two years (part-time)

Format: online, with optional face-to-face events

Total fees: £12,000 (payment by instalment and funding options available)

Additional costs: due to the nature of the subject, and copyright restrictions placed on institutional libraries by some publishers, students will need to purchase some core texts.

Support with your application:  Contact our course adviser team today for application advice.

Why this course?

With the rapid rate of change and disruption across industries, future business leaders will need to be agile and resilient to take on unknown and complex challenges. Are you prepared?

Our Global Online MBA blends leading-edge academic thinking with industry best practice. High impact. Research-led. Always grounded in the real world.

This postgraduate programme will equip you with the expertise and tools needed to be an impactful leader in a future steered by carbon neutrality and digital transformation.

High profile global industry experts will speak on the modules, helping to bring the theory to life. You’ll learn how to understand the language of numbers, make data-driven decisions, lead people development, and much more.

Together, we’ll explore important societal themes of today and tomorrow, including Industry 4.0, social justice, and sustainability.

You’ll discover how integrating these themes into your corporate strategies can improve efficiency and increase profits, and how innovation and adaptability lead to growth.

You’ll begin to rethink conventional approaches to business, embracing change and applying creative, evidence-based solutions to existing issues within your workplace. 

Your studies won’t focus purely on the development of knowledge and skills, but the development of soft leadership behaviours and psychologies through self-reflection.

With our support, you can look forward to a transformational journey to realising your full potential and to deliver return on investment back to your business.   

Plus, as our Global Online MBA programme is both online and part time, you’ll be able to immediately apply what you learn to your current work, while still earning your qualification in two years.  



Our modules have been thoughtfully designed to help you cultivate long-term success as a business professional. You will study the following modules.
Module 1 - MBA Orientation & Leadership Catalyst (15 credits)

No matter who you are or where you’re from – we know you’ve got the potential to be a brilliant leader.

We’ll start with an overview of the programme, but after that, it’s all about you – your experience, your skills, knowledge, behaviours, and your aims.

You’ll reflect on and analyse your journey so far, using academic literature, inspiring case studies, and personal research to pinpoint areas to develop, skills to hone, and measure your growth throughout the course and beyond. This new level of self-awareness will provide a solid footing as you discover your own leadership style and unique place in the business world.

Right from the get-go, you’ll be developing vital study skills and training in essential systems. As well as a strong academic and theoretical approach, you’ll explore fundamental principles of leadership, including growth mindsets, decision-making, and persuasion.

This module won’t just help you get the most out of your course; it will prepare you for your own transformative leadership journey.

Module 2 - The Global Economic Environment (15 credits)

The world has been turned on its head and organisations have been forced to rapidly adapt to survive. Take a look at the wider global economic environment and its impact on business performance.

Equipped with a knowledge of the concepts, tools, and approaches needed to view business through a critical economic lens (micro and macro), explore how global events and trends including AI development, cryptocurrency, the pandemic, and climate change affect decision-making and the way businesses and ventures function.

You’ll develop a global mindset, learn how the market works, and the power individuals and communities have to influence the global economy.

Module 3 - Strategy Making in a Complex World (15 credits)

We might not always be able to predict the future, but we can prepare for it.

Every successful business has a clear strategy. It sets out their vision, their mission, and their direction, ensuring each moving part of the business works towards the common goal.

But what happens when things go wrong? By understanding that organisations function within a far larger context – one where ecological, economic, and social systems interconnect; where disruption and challenges are often out of our immediate control – we can begin to develop a holistic understanding of complex systems to create more informed and effective strategies.

Strategy is only relevant in context, and you’ll be encouraged to relate your studies to your own organisational context throughout.

Not only will you gain a sound theoretical understanding of complexity, and how a systems thinking approach improves planning and decision making, but you’ll pick up the tools and practical techniques to form your own strategies in the real world. And with responsible leadership at our core, you’ll be assessing risk and strategic decision making for ethical and social value each step of the way.

Module 4 - Marketing in a Disruptive Digital Era (15 credits)

In this volatile business landscape, disruption is the norm. Organisations have to be ready and willing to break the status quo. This could mean shaking up their entire business model or revamping their service or product, and it will almost always involve adapting how they reach their customers.

In this highly interactive module, you’ll gain real, hands-on experience. You’ll get to grips with the marketing platforms and analytic tools to understand how organisations use the very latest data and harness the most disruptive digital trends to build sustainable growth for stakeholders.

You’ll learn how to critically evaluate an increasingly competitive, online, and distraction-filled marketplace and identify key trends. You’ll understand the importance of reaching customers with the right product at the right price, at the right time, and through the right channels. By combining insight into the complete brand planning process with the University’s vision for a ‘fairer, brighter, carbon neutral future’, this module will inspire sustainable marketing plans that meet the needs of the organisation, the customers, and the environment – we call this Total Marketing.

Module 5 - Accounting, Finance & Corporate Social Responsibility (15 credits)

Accounting impacts every single aspect of a business.

In this module, you will learn to understand, interpret, and communicate in the language of numbers. Get to grips with the fundamentals of accounting and finance, and learn how to apply these principles ethically. You will explore the pivotal role they play in planning and commercial decision making, culminating in the ultimate success of an organisation or venture.

You’ll pick up the practical skills needed to work as an effective manager. Learn to think critically and make complex data-driven decisions, including understanding and analysing financial statements and business cases, appraising investment opportunities, and benchmarking, to inform your future leadership and strategic decisions.

Module 6 - Leadership Behaviours and Psychology (15 credits)

Take a step back to reflect on your leadership behaviours and style. Look inwards, and explore what it takes to become an ethical and socially responsible role model, shaping internal cultures and promoting sustainable development, inclusivity, and diversity.

Examine new ways of working to become a transformational leader in an increasingly volatile and ambiguous business world, where developments such as new technologies and shifting customer demands continually shape the decisions we make as leaders. Discover how to respond to these changes with confidence and integrity, and learn to identify innovation opportunities amongst the chaos.

Module 7 - Global Talent Management and Human Resource Management (15 credits)

People: your business’s most valuable resource.

In this module you’ll gain a profound understanding of people management within a complex, shifting, and increasingly globalised context.

Split into three main parts, it covers the principles of human resources management, global talent management, and organisational culture. From this, you’ll develop helpful people management strategies to apply to your own real-life experiences – giving you the tools to become a responsible and ethical leader.

From recruiting and managing talent in a global market, to committing to corporate social responsibility; from creating diverse and supportive cultures, to the implications of the psychological contract; and from workforce health and wellbeing to the global paradox; this module covers the full breadth of theories and practices relating to talent and human resource management.

Module 8 - Sustainable Supply Chain Management (15 credits)

Never before has responsible and ethical supply chain leadership been so crucial to organisations and the world economy. Recent events such as the global pandemic, modern day slavery, the energy crisis and climate change have shone a spotlight on the importance and impact of supply chains.

Learn from academics and high-profile speakers to gain an in-depth understanding of: supply chain strategy and design; sustainability; how to analyse and design effective supply chain operations; how to use data models and simulation games to solve problems and inform decisions and scenarios; the role of warehousing and transport in modern supply chains; procurement; operations management; risk, resilience and project management.

You will become an ethical role model with a reputation for sustainable development in a global supply chain community, acting with integrity and promoting an ethical, inclusive and supportive culture.

Module 9 - Digital Transformation and Information Security (15 credits)

The emergence of Industry 4.0 has meant businesses need to rely on technology now more than ever.

Explore themes in pioneering technologies and learn to think critically about how technology can be used – and abused – in an organisation or project.

No previous technical experience is required as you’ll be introduced to cybersecurity from a management perspective, discovering the methodologies used to protect businesses from insider and outsider information security threats.

Module 10 - Creating an Entrepreneurial Organisation (15 credits)

How do you build an entrepreneurial business?

Learn from leading innovators themselves to discover the importance of entrepreneurship and adaptability in a rapidly changing, technology-driven environment.

You’ll gain the knowledge and framework to create solid entrepreneurial strategies to help businesses thrive in the real world. You’ll develop the confidence to lead by example, encouraging a company-wide entrepreneurial mindset and culture of creativity and innovation.

You will be able to identify opportunities for growth and change, how to adapt and build a more dynamic business, and how to evaluate risk and measure entrepreneurial success.

Module 11 - MBA Project and Consultancy (30 credits)

Put everything you’ve learnt to the test.

This is an exciting opportunity to apply your learnings to a true-to-life consultancy project for an existing client in a supportive, low-stakes setting or lead a project within your own organisation.

Now fully equipped with the advanced tools and knowledge, you’ll carry out high impact, relevant practitioner-based research and use your findings to generate solutions.

Harness your ability as a manager and develop valuable consultancy skills as you design, deliver and manage each aspect of your project; from research, analysis and diagnosis, to presenting your proposals and reporting.

Aiming to be as realistic as possible, this project will prepare you for the real-life challenges you’ll face as a professional and will help deliver return on investment back to your organisation or client.

How you will learn

Benefits of learning online with us

Your virtual classroom
Everything you need to complete your studies can be accessed on Canvas, our easy-to-use virtual learning environment (VLE). From reading academic feedback to engaging with fellow students, you can turn to Canvas whenever you have some free time for your course. Access it via your browser or through the Canvas Student mobile app for a convenient way to learn while on the move.
How online studying works
-Engage while you learn
Your studies include an interactive mix of online discussion boards, on-demand lectures and live webinars. -Get help from your tutors when you need it
Through our online learning platform, you have easy access to support and feedback from your tutor. -Submit your assignments online
There's no need to worry about travel costs, visas, or time off work. All assignments are submitted and graded online. -Get started with basic hardware and software requirements
We make your online learning experience as hassle-free as possible. Visit our FAQs page for basic requirements. -Pay as you go or pay upfront
We offer flexible payment options so you can manage your finances.
Planning for your course
We know that many of our students are managing a number of personal and professional commitments while studying with us. While it can be a challenge to adapt to the added demands of a postgraduate programme, planning out times to study can help ensure you find your course enjoyable and rewarding. As with most part-time master’s courses, you’ll need to dedicate around 20 hours a week to studying, but the extra flexibility of online learning means you can choose the times that suit you best.

How students study with us

• No visas or moving costs
• Access course from anywhere in the world
• Spend approx. 20-25 hours studying each week
• All course materials are available on demand
• Revise on the days and times that suit you best
• Course modules broken down into weekly
• Fit studies around work, family and social life
• Support with non-academic queries from a
student adviser team

Additional Support

As one of our students, you’ll have access to a range of services designed to support your studies and make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. -Our comprehensive online library of books, journals, and resources -A Student Advisor team to answer non-academic queries -Online software tutorials via LinkedIn Learning -The Students’ Union community -Career advice, CV creation, practice interviews, and more via our careers platform

Career prospects

An MBA is a powerful career development vehicle. It’s internationally recognised as the quintessential qualification for advancing in management across different sectors and industries.

Our online MBA’s design will prepare you for applying your knowledge into practice within senior leadership roles in the field of your choosing.

How will the Global MBA enhance your career?

On the MBA you will:  

Be part of a powerful and diverse MBA network – join our community of managers and leaders from different sectors.

View and understand all major organisational functions holistically.

Gain a solid academic foundation – you’ll be exposed to hot-off-the-press, cutting-edge research, as well as key theories and methodologies, direct from industry experts. Be prepared to be stretched, to think critically, and reframe your preconceptions.

Turn theory into practice – you’ll find out how to apply your learnings to real-world scenarios and get the chance to put your new strategies to the test in assessments, assignments and your own workplace.

Discover diverse roles and industries – regardless of your own background, you’ll get the chance to explore leadership across a range of sectors, opening your eyes to new career opportunities and industries.

Upskill – add fresh skills to your toolkit and master existing ones to optimise your performance in whatever leadership role you choose.

Study on your own terms – this flexible, fully online course fits around your lifestyle. Let nothing hold you back.

Get ready for doors to open. MBA graduates go on to work in senior leadership roles across the entire spectrum of sectors and organisations. Think of the MBA as your springboard, accelerating your career and creating opportunities.

Jobs include:  management consultant , entrepreneur , accounts executive , marketing director , financial director , human resources manager , business development manager , operations manager  and chief executive.

Our graduates have gained senior management positions in high-profile organisations including HSBC, Coca Cola, Twentieth Century Fox, Rolls-Royce and Credit Suisse.

How to apply

Benefits of learning online with us

  • Three years’ appropriate and relevant postgraduate work experience and a good undergraduate degree (normally 2.1 or above) awarded by a UK university or comparable overseas institution, or an equivalent qualification
  • If you don’t have a degree or equivalent professional qualification but meet the other eligibility criteria, you may still apply. To do this, you must submit a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you can benefit from, contribute to and succeed on the MBA programme. You should have completed approximately seven years of full-time appropriate work experience
  • An IELTS 6.5 score (with minimum 6.0 in each skill) if your first language isn’t English (or other English language proficiency qualifications accepted by the University of Hull)

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to apply, please get in touch with our course adviser team for advice.


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